A car is blocking a railway track in Matamata after crashing into a warning light pole.

Emergency services are at the scene on Broadway, where witnesses said a woman was trapped following the accident, which happened at about 11am.

A witness told the : "I can see a car that's hit a railway post and gone up on it. The car's blocking the railway tracks...and there's a lady in the car.''

The tracks run through the main road - Broadway - and it appeared the car was heading towards the roundabout near the McDonald's and KFC restaurants.


Another witness said just before 11.30am a fire crew and a number of police vehicles were at the scene.

"There's no ambulance and they haven't got the person out of the car yet. They're waiting for an ambulance to come,'' she said.

"I heard the fire brigade - the sirens going - and then a customer came in and said there'd been an accident.