The twirls and curves of a Swiss watch museum have proven to be a key inspiration for a young Kiwi fashion designer.

Clare Weterings, who grew up in Taupo, is one of a select number of students from the NZ Fashion Tech institute chosen to showcase their designs at this year's Resene Designer Runway shows.

The shows take place at Fashion Week, in just over a week. As part of their course academic work, students were asked to design and make a garment using Indian silk. They were to use a colour chosen from various paint colours offered by paint company Resene.

Weterings - who chose the dark blue-charcoal Coast - came up with a piece that was inspired by the prestigious Audemars Piguet Manufacture and Museum, based in Le Brassus, Switzerland.


Architects for the museum have designed a spiralling glass pavilion that rises from the ground. Weterings said the uniqueness of the building is what ultimately inspired her to come up with the garment she created.

"Looking from an aerial view of the Audemars Piguet watch museum, the beauty of the building cannot be seen. But change the angle and the building appears.

"I love the spiralling curves and simplicity of the structure. I wanted to contrast the outer layer of my garments with both subtlety and authority, then surprise the viewer with colour."

Weterings left school when she was 16 to go on her OE. The former Tauhara College student travelled to her family's homeland in Holland and later attended a school in France while travelling the country.

The colour she used for her garment also helped her in her work.

"I thought of large open spaces beyond the sea - a vast expanse of ocean, beaches, cliff and sky.

"I wanted to invert the word and close the image of the coast into a room looking inward."

Ten students' designs will be showcased. The first Resene Designer Runway show takes place on Thursday, August 25.

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