A local Turangi man is being investigated over allegations of the sale of unregulated meat from an unregulated site.

Ministry of Primary Industries investigators ended a six-month undercover operation by executing a search warrant at a Turangi site.

The undercover operation had involved the purchase of considerable qualities of venison, lamb and pork products from a local man.

He is now being spoken by the MPI team in relation to the "alleged sale of meat from an unregulated premise".


MPI Compliance Operations Manager, Gary Orr, said a decision would be made shortly as to whether charges, under the Animal Products Act, would be laid.

He said the sale of unregulated meat could have serious food safety implications.

"Food of animal origin presents one of the foremost risks to the health and well-being of humans because animals can unwittingly transfer diseases and chemical residues to humans and other animals.

"The trade of unregulated meat is a risk because there's no basis for the consumer to know whether the necessary hygiene and control measures have been in place during processing.

"This sort of activity poses a very real risk to consumer health."

Mr Orr says the investigation was ongoing.