An ample amount of money has been found in Mt Eden over the weekend and handed into police by and honest citizen.

Avondale Police are looking for the owner of the cash, where it was found on the ground around 4pm on Saturday in Mt Eden Village.

Police are not releasing the exact amount of money found, in order to ensure it gets returned to the rightful owner.

What they can say is that the amount is in the many thousands of dollars.


"A very honest member of the public found it, picked it up and spent a bit of time trying to see if anyone in the immediate vicinity was missing it," said Inspector Grant Tetzlaff, Acting Area Commander, Avondale Police.

"It's nice to know that there are good people around like this, this is a very large sum of money that has been handed in" he said.

Enquiries to identify the owner have so far been unsuccessful.

The money will be held for 90 days and will be returned to the finder if it is still unclaimed.

Anyone who believes the money is theirs can contact the Balmoral Police Station on 09 631 1000, Monday to Friday 8am-4pm.