Giant feijoas grown on a small tree in Major Brown's back yard in Gisborne could have streaked into the lead in a quest to find the biggest feijoa in Gisborne and Hawke's Bay.

A story in the Hawke's Bay Today about a Hastings woman who grew a feijoa that weighed in at 232 grams sparked the Herald's search.

The biggest found in Hawke's Bay is a tiddler by comparison to what Mrs Brown's tree produces.

She produced five weighing more than 300 grams, one of them weighing in at 340 grams.


"It's just a small tree in the back yard of my house but boy it grows big feijoas," Major Brown said.

"I put a lot of compost around the base of it, but apart from that I do not feed the tree anything particular."

She said the tree and its crop were totally organic.

"I heard about the story from Hawke's Bay and thought 'We can beat that!' "

Mrs Brown's feijoas grow as big as that every year.

"I love to eat them and they taste delicious, but they are so big I can only eat half of one at a time."

- Gisborne Herald