Health Minister Dr Jonathan Coleman has praised the ''standard Kiwi fare'' he sampled at Dunedin Hospital today, and says there is ''nothing wrong'' with the meals.

Dr Coleman took part in the taste test today due to pressure over the meals in recent days because of publicity about meals.

He ate bolognese and pasta, a sandwich, and soup, and enjoyed them all.

Dr Coleman suggested people needed to adjust their expectations about what to expect when they are in hospital.


Fellow National MP Michael Woodhouse tweeted a picture of Dr Coleman "tucking into" the meal.

Mr Coleman told Newstalk while cost-cutting and economies of scale have been implemented in creating a national food delivery service, the food served to patients is just as good as ever despite complaints from patients to the contrary.

He says the food is straight, simple, "Kiwi fare" and has rated the experience.

"Ten out of ten. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. It was very tasty. I was going in there for a test, I ate the whole meal. I've just text my wife at home saying I won't need tea tonight. It was very very good".

He said he ate a tasty nutritious meal of pea and ham soup and pasta bolognese, chosen off the same menu patients were eating from.

The DHB last year downgraded its own kitchen and began providing meals through multinational Compass Group.

Otago Daily Times and Newstalk