A video of drift trikers descending a Dunedin hill has gone viral with more than 3.5 million views.

The video, shot in George King Memorial Dr, near Outram, was posted on the Unilad Facebook page and "went ballistic''.

Dunedin Drift Triking member Luke Millard said people from all over the world had viewed, commented and shared the group's footage, which was great for Dunedin and the sport.

"It's gone pretty viral,'' Mr Millard said.


The previous record for views was 780,000.

"It's just amazing how far that video has gone.''

The video had 60,000 views on the group's own Facebook page before Unilad posted the "raw footage'' with different background music.

"It's showing the world that we have got another sport out there that you can try,'' Mr Millard said.

The video, filmed using GoPro cameras on March 13, had more than 40,000 shares and 11,000 comments.

Most comments had been positive, but some questioned safety, especially using open roads and highways.

One person said: "Just a matter of time till one of them goes under a car. Wish they would just do it on closed roads.''

On Friday, longboarder Tristan Hunter (21) died after colliding with a car as he sped down a road near Paraparaumu.


Mr Millard said the sport was safe, despite the road not being closed.

"We wouldn't be going down the road if it was busy.

"We use that road [George King Memorial] as it's pretty quiet and we don't run unless there's no traffic.

"A van goes down in front of us with its hazard lights on.

"It looks like it's out of control but it's very much controlled.''

The group had 12 members aged 18 to 35 and welcomed new members.

Members tried to do at least one organised ride per month.