I would like to know why the cycle lane along Tamaki Drive is on the road side of the footpath and not the seaward side. It would be safer if they swapped sides for two reasons:

1. There are overhanging tree branches which are difficult to dodge when cycling that intrude less into the walking lane.

2. Cyclists are in greater danger of car doors opening and/or kids jumping out in front of them than walkers.

Would it be possible to swap them over for safety's sake?

Coralee Carr, Auckland.

Scott Winton from Auckland Transport says pedestrians are on the north side of the Tamaki Drive Shared Path for safety reasons. Pedestrians are likely to stop more often because the shared path is adjacent to a number of beaches and other water access points. Being on the seaward side reduces the risk of a pedestrian inadvertently walking across the path of a cyclist. It is also safest to keep young children further from the road. Auckland Transport has a project for a dedicated cycleway on Tamaki Drive from Quay St to Hobson Bay, which will make it easier to walk and cycle along this stretch. There will be a public consultation this year and the Tamaki Drive Shared Path on this section will be reviewed as part of this project.

Along the existing Southwestern Motorway, overhead structures have been installed that look like they are designed to hold toll readers. Is the new motorway going to be a tolled road? Andrew Robertson, Auckland.

No. The gantries will hold signage, not toll readers.

On a recent trip into the city from the west, while on the Great North Rd offramp, I looked north and saw what appeared to be a pedestrian bridge. Where does it go and why is it there?


Bob Green, West Auckland.

The bridge is part of the Eric Armishaw boardwalk, connecting Eric Armishaw Reserve in Pt Chevalier to a network of shared paths, including the northwestern cycle route and the Waterview shared path. The 170m long boardwalk will start at the coastal reserve before connecting to a pathway that runs parallel to SH16. The boardwalk is expected to open in June. The waterfront at the reserve is reportedly a great place for bird-watching.

I have not been able to find out who the eponymous Eric Armishaw was - can anyone help?

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