A paraglider pilot injured after crashing into rocks at a New Plymouth beach remains in a stable condition in hospital.

The 48-year-old was found on rocks near a cliff face past Back Beach, west of New Plymouth, yesterday morning.

He had moderate injuries to his lower legs, emergency services confirmed.

A Taranaki District Health Board spokeswoman this morning confirmed the man was in a stable condition in a ward.


The Taranaki Community Rescue Helicopter picked the man up as there is no vehicle access to the beach.

The man was conscious and able to communicate with his rescuers, describing the decisions he made after he realised he was losing altitude.

St John district operations manager Ian May said he was extremely impressed with the paraglider pilot's quick thinking.

"He lost altitude, so decided to make for a beach landing," said Mr May.

"He did an exceptional job of making a judgment on how that landing would occur to minimise the impact on him ... His injuries could have been a lot worse. The fact they weren't that bad was a credit to his quick thinking and judgment."

Mr May said the man was accompanied by a fellow paraglider pilot, who landed and called emergency services when he saw the crash-landing.