Maritime police who plucked a one-armed doll from Wellington Harbour yesterday are now trying to reunite it with its owner.

Weighing in at just 250gm and with vibrant red hair, the rag doll was in for a cold night had she not been rescued by Senior Constable Craig Pickering and the Wellington Police Maritime Unit.

"We could see that the poor thing was clearly in distress," said Mr Pickering.

"We hauled her on-board and treated her to a nice warm shower".


She was located in the sea near Taranaki Street Wharf.

It is unclear if she lost her left arm before or after entering the water.

"We would love to reunite her with her family. In the meantime she is a welcome guest on-board Lady Liz and seems to be finding her sea legs", said Mr Pickering.

Anyone with information about who the doll may belong to is asked to make contact with the Wellington Maritime Unit on (04) 381 2000.