To the thoughtless *bleeps* in Massey blasting fireworks on Christmas Eve ... As if getting excited children to sleep isn't hard enough, let alone endangering the lives of Santa and his flying reindeer. Grrrrrr.


To the honest person in New World Eastridge in Auckland who picked up my just-purchased iPhone in an aisle and handed it in. Upon realising it was missing, I called my number and it was answered immediately by a staff member at New World who told me not to worry as they would keep it until I arrived to collect it. Awesome!



To the driver of advanced years who almost took me out on the Pakuranga Highway [yesterday]. You were travelling at well over the speed limit before I started my turn. Suddenly you were almost on me and also veered towards me. Instead of panicking, use the brake next time.


Last Saturday, my family and I were waiting in the queue to see part of the excellent Air NZ 75th Anniversary exhibition at the Auckland Museum.

Unfortunately, we were told our 5-year-old was too young to use the virtual reality headset and we exited the queue. My son was quite upset by this news. However, a wonderful thing happened: a complete stranger, waiting for his own son in the same queue, produced some balloons and created an aeroplane out of them, giving it to my boy! What's more, when my son threw the plane and it didn't "fly", he pulled a few coins from his wallet to balance the nose of the plane. It now could cover a reasonable distance, for a balloon plane! Random Act Of Kindness Stranger, you made my son's (and our) day.


I decided to take my wife for a summer's day walk in the beautiful Old Government House Gardens last Sunday. The only parking I could find nearby was under the Pullman Hotel in the Wilson carpark. We arrived at 2.59 and departed at 3.36. For 37 minutes parking we were slugged $12! Now I know what it is like to have been "Wils-ed".


I bought a vacuum cleaner online from Noel Leeming on Monday 28th December (a stat holiday) and it was delivered to me at work by courier on Tuesday 29th December. Well done Noel Leeming and Courier Post!