The head of Papua New Guinea's armed forces arrives in New Zealand today for a five-day visit.

It is Brigadier Gilbert Toropo's first visit as Commander of the Papua New Guinea forces.

His visit will include an official welcome ceremony at the National War Memorial in Wellington tomorrow morning.

He will also talk with the Minister of Defence, Gerry Brownlee, and visit local defence headquarters.


New Zealand's Chief of Defence Force, Lieutenant General Tim Keating, is hosting Brigadier Toropo.

The brigadier will visit camps and bases, including the Training and Doctrine Group at Waiouru, and Devonport Naval Base.

The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) said it had a "good working relationship with the Papua New Guinea Defence Force, including exchanges and training as part of the Mutual Assistance Programme (MAP).

New Zealand works with 12 Asia-Pacific countries under the MAP.

The NZDF said the Programme encouraged friendly and co-operative bilateral relationships with New Zealand's near neighbours and "contributes to a secure and stable environment in the South Pacific."

Lieutenant General Tim Keating said the Papua New Guinea forces were a "valued partner" and frequently trained and exercised with Kiwi forces.