A cockroach has been blamed for causing a three-car collision on Turret Rd and sending two people to Tauranga Hospital.

Two people were taken to hospital with minor to moderate injuries after yesterday's 1.30pm crash.

A woman travelling east told police she became distracted by a cockroach scurrying across her dashboard before she crashed into oncoming traffic.

Western Bay of Plenty head of road policing Senior Sergeant Ian Campion said the woman took her eyes off the road after noticing the insect and was not watching where the car was travelling.


"One of the drivers was distracted by the insect and as a result collided with two vehicles travelling in the opposite direction after crossing the centre line," Mr Campion said.

The black Toyota Corolla appeared to have sideswiped the first oncoming vehicle before rebounded and colliding head-on with the second oncoming vehicle.

Mr Campion said two occupants from the second vehicle were taken to hospital.

"Irrelevant of what the distraction might be in the vehicle, it's important to concentrate on driving because unfortunately incidents like this can cause injury or worse," Mr Campion said.

"It's very important to focus."

The crash occurred just metres from the Turret Rd bridge, which runs over the Waimapu Estuary.

Mr Campion said police would be considering whether to lay charges or what the outcome of the crash might be.

The crash comes after two other collisions on Turret Rd and 15th Ave on Tuesday.


The nose-to-tail crashes were considered minor but held up peak hour traffic for nearly and hour.