The organiser of a Facebook sensation where followers go on a treasure hunt to find money hidden in public places around Whangarei is looking for someone else to take over and stash the cash.

The creator of the Find our Cash Whangarei, who wants to remain anonymous, has decided to "hunt" for new administrators and helpers.

Since the page started in June this year $1200 has been hidden around various locations and then found by very clever searchers who decipher cryptic clues.

With more people joining the hunts, the time it takes for people to discover the cash has reduced significantly with it taking just over an hour for the last stash to be found. In the first hunt, after three days of extensive searching two Whangarei women were the first "hunters" to team up and uncover a hidden stash of cash. The $100 in a small plastic bag was covered by shells beneath the HMNZS Canterbury propeller near Kissing Point.


Kim Hayes, a 22-year-old nurse, and Sarah Crosby, a 21-year-old mum, teamed up and split the find.

Taking over the modern day treasure hunt comes with a warning.

"This is no easy thing to please everybody type role and it pays nothing but the satisfaction and joy it brings to the community makes it worth doing," he posted on the page. "You must be able to commit to a few hours every so often to plan the hunt, keep track of it via Facebook and give clues."

He said work had made him reconsider his roll with the treasure hunts.

Anyone who might like to help out should message the organiser from the Facebook page Find our Cash Whangarei.