A man who allegedly tore victims' teeth out with pliers is set to face trial in Wellington next year.

His charges include using pliers to pull out a total of 12 teeth from three separate victims, two of whom are his ex-wives.

The charges are injured with intent to injure and assault with intent to injure. He has also been charged with rape and unlawful sexual connection.

The 53-year-old Upper Hutt man, whose name is suppressed to protect the identity of his victims, was arrested in December 2012 and will face trial in May next year. The man has denied the allegations.


According to the police summary of facts for the case, the man would often produce the pliers during sex, putting them in the women's mouths against their will. The charges are dated between 1988 and late-2011.

His first victim, who he went on to marry, was 20-years-old, the summary said. It was her first serious relationship.

"He would drive the victim to the Petone boatsheds and park at the rear of them, where they would indulge in sexual activity.

"On one of these occasions the defendant held the victim down in the back of the car and, using a pair of pliers, removed six of the victim's bottom teeth. [She] was unable to prevent the defendant pulling her teeth out." She went on to have the rest of her teeth professionally removed.

The following year, the man assaulted her again, the summary said with a screwdriver, attempting to pry her wisdom teeth out.

"The victim suffered significant pain during the incident. She told the defendant to stop but he continued his attempts ... without success."

It is alleged the man also raped his first wife in 1993, after giving her "an unknown form of pain medication along with alcohol".

Ten years after divorcing her he met his second wife, in 2005. They met on a dating website in September, the summary said. It is claimed he first assaulted her that December, although the couple remained together until early 2012.

"The defendant told the victim that her teeth looked terrible and ugly ... [and] said he could pull the teeth out because he had done it before.

"He grabbed her and squashed her down towards the floor. He grabbed the victim's head with one hand and with his other used the pliers.

The defendant managed to pull out four of the victim's bottom teeth."

He met his third victim online in 2011, the summary said. On two occasions during sex he removed teeth, it is alleged.