I am a big believer in freedom of speech and expression.
It is one of the cornerstones of our democracy and it is something we in the media industry protect and treat with care.
But, like with many things, everyone has a different view on where to draw the line - and after reading today's front-page story on Boobs on Bikes, I simply cannot agree with Steve Crow's nude roadshow.
The country's porn king has revealed he is bringing his controversial parade, dubbed the Booby Tour, to Tauranga, Katikati and Waihi next month.
In Tauranga, he will take his parade, featuring topless women on motorcycles, on a route that includes Devonport Rd and The Strand.
Boobs on Bikes and its offshoot Booby Tour has created outrage in other cities, including Auckland and Wanganui. There is a groundswell of people who believe it is distasteful and offensive.
Tauranga Mayor Stuart Crosby is one such person, describing it as "shameless, self promotion".
Sexual abuse counsellor Denise McEnteer is aghast, saying it turns women into victims.
Others, with more liberal leanings, will have no problem with it and some of those people, probably numbering in the thousands, will even attend, cameras in hand.
Mr Crow says the tour is coming to the Bay because there is huge demand for it. But I find that hard to believe.
He also uses freedom of expression as justification.
Part of the argument I have heard is that it is best to ignore it and simply avoid the parade on the day it comes to town.
But this is our town, not Steve Crow's. People should have a right to walk down any street without being subjected to smut. There are plenty of private places to go if people want to look at this type of thing and that's their business.
Personally, it would not offend me.
But what about people who would be offended? And, even worse, what about people in town on the day with children? They should have the right to go about their business without being confronted with an inappropriate display.
Some people might call me a prude but I am not. I just don't think Steve Crow's rolling porn show has any place on our streets.