Looking for an alarm clock pre-set to go off at the crack of dawn?

The SPCA Auckland is overstocked with roosters, so this month it is giving them away free.

The roosters are ideal for people who already have hens and who live in rural areas, the society says.

"If you've got hens, you really should consider getting a rooster," said SPCA Auckland chief executive Christine Kalin.


"And even if you haven't got hens, roosters make awesome pets."

Noise restrictions mean roosters cannot be kept in urban areas, but the SPCA said they made ideal additions to rural properties.

"Roosters protect hens from predators, and you'll find your hens will lay more eggs with a bloke around," said Ms Kalin.

"Chickens are highly social animals with a strong pecking order so they're generally happier with a rooster at the head of the flock to keep everyone in line."

"A rooster will hunt out good eating areas for his flock and call the hens to it. And so long as you collect your eggs daily, they won't produce more poultry.

"Roosters will also clear up leftovers and help keep your grass short - and if you form a trusting relationship with a rooster it will follow you about and alert you to intruders, much like a dog."

Among the roosters needing new homes is Magnum, who arrived at the SPCA with a few scrapes but has recovered well, according to his profile.

"[He's] small in size but big on personality."

There's also Harry, a golden laced wyandotte rooster, who arrived with his brothers Winston and Seamus.

"They are all super friendly and can go to a home either together or separately."