Shock jock Iain Stables has sensationally claimed to have slept with 500 women during a debaucherous two decades on the airwaves.

Stables, who suffers from bipolar disorder and became an internet sensation this week when footage of the beating he took from an airline worker was released in court, has opened up about a sex addiction - and spoken for the first time about his love triangle with former Woman's Day editor Sarah Henry and clinical psychologist Kimberley O'Hagan. He is also facing two court charges.

Stables had a child with Henry, 33, last year while he was in a long-term relationship with O'Hagan, 37.

He said he still loved both women and regretted breaking their hearts - but he knew he had no chance of reuniting with either.

"They are both very beautiful, professional, successful women and they both loved something about me. I have no idea what on earth they saw in me."

Stables, a former radio star and New Zealand Idol host, was living with O'Hagan in Wellington while continuing a casual relationship with the Auckland-based Henry.

Henry said last night Stables' two-timing came to light when she became pregnant, and she had no idea that Stables was still seeing O'Hagan.

"The whole situation is a big mess. There are no winners here. I am fully committed to raising my son."

After O'Hagan learned of the pregnancy, Stables claims that she forgave him. But their relationship ended after his fight with Jetstar check-in clerk Patrick Ulberg in October last year. Stables also lost his lucrative contract with Radio Hauraki.

Stables said he hit rock bottom in March this year when he was involved in a violent altercation with members of O'Hagan's family. He is facing court action over the incident.

Stables, who was living at O'Hagan's family home in Wellington, had been served with an eviction notice. The fight that followed led to two weeks of psychiatric treatment.

Stables blamed the incident on a change to his medication.

"I was on a large cocktail of drugs. It was all stopped and I went off all medication. It went horribly wrong."

O'Hagan's mother Marianne said they had taken out a protection order against Stables.

She said Stables was a narcissist with anger management issues.

"He would never hit my daughter. He loved her, and he would never hit her."

Since the Jetstar fight, Stables has rented out his home and sold his boat but is still being pursued by debt collectors.

Ulberg was found not guilty of assaulting Stables this week, while Stables is still facing a charge of disorderly conduct over the incident.

The radio DJ was extremely candid about his sex life, claiming that he had slept with women on flights, interisland ferries and with fellow radio presenters in the studio between shows at ZM and The Edge.

"There probably isn't a studio I haven't f***** in to be honest. I've slept with four or five hundred. I've had a pretty good run. I think it helped being in the media. I've probably played that card. I know I'm a piece of shit love rat."

He sought treatment during his 20s for his sex addiction.

"I went and saw a psychologist because I was getting a little bit out of control at one stage. I thought it was a bit abnormal but she just thought I just had a huge sex drive."

Stables said that since having his contract with The Radio Network terminated in the wake of the Jetstar incident, he had no job prospects in radio.