A teenage student in Auckland has been disciplined after posting pictures of herself online dangerously balanced on top of school buildings as part of the global planking craze.

Last week, an Australian man died while planking on a narrow balcony railing, before he slipped and fell several storeys to his death.

The Carmel College student posted numerous pictures of herself in her uniform on top of school buildings and balanced on a two-storey-high concrete pillar.

Principal Kath Deady said the student had "been dealt with within the school system" and the girl's parents had been notified.

"Obviously we would treat something like that pretty seriously because it's a health and safety issue," Mrs Deady told the Herald.

The photographs have since been removed from Facebook.

Other Carmel College students have also uploaded pictures to the Planking New Zealand Facebook page, but their planks are in less dangerous places, such as in bushes or on top of a bin.

Planking is a competitive craze where people are photographed lying flat and face down in precarious and novel spots. The pictures are uploaded to social networking sites.

NetSafe chief executive Martin Cocker said planking had taken off in New Zealand since the death in Australia.

Last night, almost 12,000 people had joined the Planking New Zealand Facebook page.

"It took off a lot faster than I thought it would have - I think it had exploded by the next day," he said.

Mr Cocker said it was only a matter of time before someone injured themselves while attempting a dangerous plank.

"With these online crazes, there's a constant drive to attempt something slightly more risque and entertaining than what the last person did. Unfortunately that does drive people to take risks."

He said banning planking at schools would be a last resort but it was something schools should consider if their students were taking it too far.

"Schools are struggling with this craze because when they have to ban something as simple as lying down, it's tough," he said.

Meanwhile, 22 students at a prestigious school in Adelaide were disciplined after getting caught planking on a staircase last week.

The students from Walford Anglican School for Girls were sent home on Thursday after a photo was posted on Facebook.