What do women really prefer in a man? A tattooed or un-inked body; a hunk with a lean or beefy physique - or does it all simply come down to penis size?

These are some of the questions being asked of Kiwi women by broadcaster and former MP Pam Corkery, who is in the process of establishing the country's first all-male brothel for women.

The 20-question survey is being compiled by Corkery and her business partner, Rebekah Hay, before opening Pammy's in Auckland next year.

The brothel will house a steam room, a spa complex, two bars, as well as private rooms for women who choose to sample the bordello's "goods" - trained male sex workers - for $240 an hour.

The transformation of the brothel will be part of documentary of eight or 10 parts.

The survey markets Pammy's as "the best night out a woman could ever ask for", and asks women to anonymously note their preferences in men.

It asks whether Pammy's is somewhere women would prefer to go by themselves or with friends, it asks whether discreet parking, expensive decor, sex toys and even lay-by options are important for clients.

About the men, the survey asks whether an ideal sex partner should be obedient, matey or masterful; lean, muscular or beefy and waxed around the pubic area.

It asks if women prefer their men "groomed" or "untamed" and whether a man's penis should be average, large or extra large.

Women spoken to by the Herald on Sunday said they would go to the brothel.

A 24-year-old would go for a hens night with a group of friends. Another thought there was a market for an all-male bordello.

"I don't see why this isn't a good idea," she said. "More and more, women are feeling liberated sexually and opening up more to the joys, excitement and naughtiness of sex and the sex industry.

"Women are more powerful and successful than ever before.

"If this leaves no room or desire for a full-on relationship, then perhaps it makes sense to open up a premises where women can get the same relief and satisfaction their male counterparts have been enjoying for years."