The man accused of intentionally infecting men and women with HIV could be forced to give a DNA sample.

Glenn Richard Albert Mills faces 28 charges relating to 14 people and appeared in the Auckland District Court today.

He is charged with wounding and attempting to wound with reckless disregard as well as infecting and attempting to infect with a disease.

It was revealed today that the Crown is seeking a suspect compulsion order to force Mills to give a DNA sample.

Crown prosecutor Josh Shaw said the sample could potentially rule out other causes of HIV among the victims.

Judge Anne Kiernan said the argument could be heading to the High Court.

There is also an application by Mills' lawyer Kevin Brosnahan to have witnesses appear at the depositions hearing to give evidence.

The case was to be set down for a depositions hearing later this month but Judge Jan Doogue, who was to hear the case, has been called to the Hague.

Judge Doogue is in the Hague as Madame Presidente de la Commission.

She has been appointed by the European Union to examine the effectiveness of the Child Maintenance Treaty which she helped to draft, a representative of the court said.

Judge Doogue will make a decision on the applications later this month.