Key Points:

Mention of a "slightly gay" pie has been removed from the menu of a Christchurch restaurant after a complaint to the Human Rights Commission.

Crumpet Club owner Phillip Kraal was contacted by the commission before Christmas over a complaint about the description of his chicken, brie and sweetcorn pie - "slightly gay, I know, but oh so tasty".

Kraal said a member of the public was offended at his "homophobic" statement.

"We had no desire to upset anyone... the wording will be changed, we are changing the menu anyway. You should see the next one."

Kraal said his objective was to create goodwill, and he was disappointed the complainant had not come directly to him.

"We serve the gay community just like any other group. You can't please everyone all the time though."

He said he had been using his personality to write menus for 15 years.

"Sometimes I get it wrong and I fix it. But it's about trying to put a bit of texture into the menu.

"The rest of the menu has words like ballsy and bloody - it's about having a good time.

"I am flamboyant and fun just like the gay community - except that I am straight."