One person remains in hospital after a crash on the Auckland Harbour Bridge after a police chase last night that left eight people injured.

The smash happened after a silver BMW allegedly drove across three lanes, causing other vehicles to brake. The driver was also alleged to have overtaken vehicles on the motorway shoulder.

The vehicle crashed into another car on the bridge clip-one lanes around 8.10pm.

This morning a woman remained in Auckland Hospital emergency department in a stable condition, a District Health Board spokeswoman said.


All other patients are believed to have been discharged from ED.

Eight people were taken to the hospital - two with moderate injuries and six with minor injuries - following the crash which caused massive tailbacks on the arterial route.

It followed six complaints to police about the silver BMW's erratic behaviour as it travelled south on the Northern Motorway from Dairy Flat. Police began a pursuit before the car crashed into another on the northbound clip-on of the bridge.

Traffic backed up on the motorway. Photo / Daniel Hines
Traffic backed up on the motorway. Photo / Daniel Hines

The driver was taken into police custody last night.

Police have been unable to be contacted this morning for an update on the incident, and whether the driver will face charges in relation to the crash.