Cute, fluffy and funny is not how you'd normally picture police dogs, but Jane Dunn of the Wellington district police forensic unit has being doing her best to change our view of the canine crime-fighters.

Inspired by reading about police and crime as a little girl, Dunn joined the force in May 2006, fulfilling her ambition to help people and contribute to making New Zealand a safer place to live. She's worked in all facets of policing: front line; CIB; communications; and as a community cop in Wellington.

She studied administration of justice and criminology at Portland State University in Oregon. "This just got me really excited about the opportunities in the forensic environment," she said. "I come from a family of photographers so forensic photography brings my love of photography and my love of policing together. I actively sought out photography opportunities at work and the more I learnt about the role of forensic photographer the more I loved it."

Dunn, an animal lover, was saddened that there wasn't always a photo of the puppies and dogs that didn't quite make the grade for policing and decided to start a project capturing how amazing the dogs are. Now, every week, the police communications team puts out one of Dunn's pictures under the title #FurryFriday on social media, which is quickly gaining a following on Facebook and Instagram.


Does she have a favourite? "I think picking my favourite photo would be like picking a favourite child," she said. "I love them all but these few are special to me because of the time and effort that went into capturing them."