A woman who has accused Kevin Stephen Burke of sexual assault has denied in court being romantically involved with a conman he was investigating.

Two women – one a victim of domestic violence – have accused Burke of sexually assaulting them.

Burke, a detective inspector based in Northland, denies two charges of indecent assault and two of unlawful sexual connection.

His defence lawyer Arthur Fairley today suggested the first complainant was "scorned" by a soured romantic relationship with the fraudster who she had reported to Orewa police.


Burke was investigating the case at the time.

The first complainant, whose name is suppressed by law, told the court the "conman" was an acquaintance that constantly lied to her and had wasted her time.

Fairley asked why she had marked in her diary that "two months to the day" since the pair had met for coffee.

"Because I'd had a gutsful of him letting me down," she told the High Court in Auckland.

He had still at that point failed to take any measurements of her property, she said.

"Things weren't ringing true with him… he always had different stories," she said.

Fairley also asked why the man's birthday and suit measurements were recorded in her diary, but the woman denied this being unusual.

"You were in a romantic relationship with him weren't you?" Fairley asked.


The woman denied having a romantic relationship with the man.

Yesterday, she alleged that Burke arrived at her Auckland home uninvited in 2002, weeks after she reported information to police.

The court heard he drank a box of beers he had brought to her house.

She offered him something to eat and made up the spare bedroom because she was concerned about his ability to drive safely, she previously told the court.

She then alleges Burke pushed her to the floor and sexually assaulted her in a "nightmare" that unfolded while he pinned her arms above her head with one hand.

"I kept trying to push back. It just happened so quickly," she said.

The trial before Justice Sarah Katz is set down for two weeks and the second complainant is scheduled to give evidence tomorrow.