Police smashed their way into a Masterton house this week and held a couple at gunpoint - only to discover the man they were after moved out months ago.

The incident has left the couple traumatised and red-faced police have apologised and repaired the damage, estimated at more than $2000.

Steven Lochore's Surrey St home was one of a number in the Wairarapa raided by the armed offenders squad on Tuesday.

"I got pulled out of bed and put on the floor and got told 'put your hands on your head and don't move'," Lochore said.

His crying partner was made to lie on the lounge floor and he said he was held with a gun to his head for five minutes before police realised the man they were looking for had moved out of the house in March.

The street had been blocked by police, who broke down the front door and smashed into his shed, damaging his motorcycle, which was hit by part of the wooden door.

Lochore is furious Wellington police acted on information six months old that he says could easily have been clarified. He is also struggling to understand why officers did not appear to have a picture of the wanted man.

He understands the man is 10 years younger than him and has blond hair, not dark.

While his house had been repaired, he said, police could not repair the emotional damage he and his partner had suffered.

"My partner is terrified of guns. Her brother was playing with guns as a child and blew his brains out. That was 20 years ago, now it's going to take another 20 to get over it."

Police had trumpeted they had made 35 drug-related arrests over the past week in the region, but neglected to mention he had been caught in the crossfire.

"Me and my partner were treated like dogs.

"They are bragging about all the drug dealers they've busted but what about the innocent ones?"

Masterton Senior Sergeant Warwick Burr and area commander John Johnston apologised to Lochore and his neighbours the next day.

Victoria Evans, of Wellington police, said the Lochore home was the only home broken into during the seven days of raids where police had the wrong house.

Lochore intends to lodge a formal complaint with the police.