It's New Zealand Music Month - the perfect opportunity to go in search of something new. Each day we're asking a member of our local creative fraternity to throw a little limelight on an artist or group they want you to know about.

Hollie Fullbrook - you may know her better as Tiny Ruins - is quite open about recommending her friend's band.

"Djeisan Suskov who's the songwriter for Cool Rainbows is also a producer, and he was one of the first people who took my demos and said lets try and develop these songs and get them ready for when I finally did record them."

Fullbrook's album was of course Some Were Meant For Sea, and chances are if you're reading this then you'll be well aware of the acclaim it received.

"A big part of Cool Rainbows for me is the amazing production," says Fullbrook.


"It's sonically complex, but with quite catchy, simple pop songs."

Being mates has given Fullbrook other insights into the album.

"The thing about it is I've heard the songs change throughout the time that Djeisan was working on them, he's gone through several realizations of this album and for me that's interesting.

"For me Cool Rainbows isn't just that album, it's also the other versions of the songs I've heard and grown to really love, and their live show, and how hard working the band is."

Fullbrook - on a plane to the UK around now for a three month jaunt - talks a lot about "soundscapes" and the "epic" qualities of the album, but has chosen one of its simplest songs to spotlight.

"I really love Pauly, which is the slowest saddest songs on the record so that says something about me I guess,' she laughs.

"I really like the sentiment of it. A guy talking to another of his guy friends... you know his songs are love songs but they're really sweetly executed and sincere and I don't find them at all cheesy or cloying which is quite a hard thing to pull off I think."

Cool Rainbows: Pauly

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