Westshore Beach is one of Hawke's Bay's safest swimming beaches, but even on the hottest of days Westshore Surf Lifesaving Club members can outnumber swimmers.

"We are surprised that there is not more people here," Westshore director of life-guarding Brian Quirk said.

"It hasn't got the sand some of the other beaches have got, but it's still probably the safest beach to swim in Hawke's Bay. It seems crazy that more people don't."

Westshore was once Hawke's Bay's most popular beach, hosting the national surf life saving championships twice. But a lowering of the seabed over recent years has seen its popularity decline.


Quirk said the beach hadn't changed a lot "other than there is not is not much sand as there was and there is a bank on the front of it".

"We have a minor trough at the front of the waves but that doesn't provide too many problems."

"It has got lifeguards on duty from 10.30 in the morning till 6 o'clock at night during the week and from 12pm to 5pm on Saturdays and 10am to 5pm on Sundays and public holidays."

"You've got a shop up the top here that you can get fish and chips - it is quite a well-serviced area. As I say, it is all safe, so rock on out."

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