Each weekday The Front Page keeps you up to date with the biggest news in New Zealand. Today, a jury finds Malcolm Rewa guilty of murdering Susan Burdett in 1992, a rugby coach is jailed for 22 years on nearly 100 sex abuse charges, the Australian Prime Minister makes a fleeting visit to New Zealand, and aviation enthusiasts hope the rain holds off for their big weekend in Masterton. Hosted by Juliette Sivertsen.

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Malcolm Rewa has been found guilty of murdering Susan Burdett in her South Auckland home in 1992.

The jury returned their verdict today after hearing two weeks of evidence and arguments in the High Court at Auckland.


Burdett was raped and bludgeoned to death in her Papatoetoe home in 1992.

After some 27 years, 12 New Zealanders today said her killer was Rewa.

Rewa was convicted of the 39-year-old's rape in 1998 - but two juries that year were unable to decide whether he was also responsible for her death.

Infamously, the Crown had also prosecuted Teina Pora for the accounts clerk's murder.

When just 17 years old, Pora was arrested and later twice wrongly convicted for murdering Burdett.

He spent 22 years in prison before the Privy Council quashed his conviction in 2015 and has since received an apology from the Government and $3.5 million in compensation.

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Malcolm Rewa's lawyer is refusing to rule out an appeal.


Paul Chambers says his client is concerned the jury came back so quickly, when there were 400 pages of evidence to pore through.

He says they'll wait some time before considering an appeal.

Outside the High Court at Auckland, private investigator Tim McKinnel, who fought to get Teina Pora out of prison, said the guilty verdict was a combination of "justice and trust".

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Twenty-two years' prison for an Auckland rugby coach who sexually abused 17 young boys.

Alosio Taimo must serve a minimum of 10 years before he can apply for parole.

The Crown prosecutor had argued for a sentence of preventive detention because of the seriousness of the case - and Taimo's denial of offending.

Taimo was convicted on 95 charges.

Sentencing judge, Justice Simon Moore, described his offending as a gross breach of trust and said Taimo used subtle and cynical means to control his victims.

Taimo had claimed during the trial that the men who had come forward were lying.

He said sometimes Taimo would feign crying to manipulate them.

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Four people from an international drug smuggling syndicate have been arrested, after police found 11 kilograms of methamphetamine stashed inside cooking appliances.

The discovered meth had a street value of $5.5million, and police say the seizure has prevented $13million of social harm.

An investigation got under way in late December, after New Zealand Customs staff detected 5kg of methamphetamine hidden inside a cooking appliance.

Further inquiries by police resulted in two further seizures of methamphetamine, also hidden inside cooking appliances, totalling 6kg.

National Organised Crime Group Detective Inspector Paul Newman says a small syndicate was linked to the alleged imports.

Last week police made a number of arrests in New Zealand and in Fiji as part of the operation, dubbed Operation Nova.

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Businesses are reacting sourly to the proposed capital gains tax.

Yesterday, the Tax Working Group recommended the Government implement a capital gains tax - and use the money gained to lower the personal tax rate and to target polluters.

Aside from the family home and land, a swath of assets, including second homes, cribs or baches, shares, businesses, farms and land, would attract a CGT charge.

It could come into force by April 2021 if Labour wins the next election and gets its way.

Otago Southland Employers Association chief executive Virginia Nicholls says the administrative costs and "investment distortions" would be greater than the revenues gained.

Nicholls claims taxing both shares and business assets would create double taxation, penalising New Zealanders owning shares in New Zealand, and making overall taxation on investment less consistent.

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The other question on people's minds is, how much would a capital gains tax affect house prices?

One Christchurch property manager is worried a capital gains tax would push up rents.

Good Girls Director, Pru Morrall, says some might sell rentals before the tax is brought in.

And the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand thinks the tax would have a punitive impact on the investment sector.

Chief executive Bindi Norwell says she expects more investors to leave the market because of the change - simply because they won't want to pay the CGT.

She says that would, in turn, lead to a drop in house prices as it means there would be more houses on the market.

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Jacinda Ardern has thanked the Australian Prime Minister for finding time in his busy schedule to visit New Zealand.

Scott Morrison received a formal welcome at Government House.

Ardern and Morrison then lunched together in Auckland.

It's a brief visit but Ardern says she's already had the chance to catch up with him recently at other international forums.

Morrison is no stranger to New Zealand, having worked here in the 1990s as a tourism official.

He acknowledged today's eight-year anniversary of the Christchurch earthquake.

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Eight years on, today is a day many of us can never forget.

Tears fell as a moment's silence was recognised in Canterbury.

Hundreds gathered at the Canterbury Earthquake National Memorial service, remembering lives lost in the quake.

Today, a Japanese dignitary thanked Christchurch for remembering the victims of the city's earthquakes.

Twenty-eight of the 185 people who died were Japanese citizens.

The country's foreign affairs vice-minister Suzuki Norikazu says no matter how much time passes - it's always a very sad day for families who lost loved ones.

He also remembered Japan's earthquake at the same time.

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Auckland Airport has buckled to pressure and will cut its charges to airlines by $33million over the current five-year pricing period.

This comes after a Commerce Commission report found it could be overcharging, and a concerted campaign by airlines.

Auckland Airport's chief executive Adrian Littlewood says its pricing needs to provide for the airport's future, including undertaking a multi-billion-dollar 30-year infrastructure programme.

The changes will take effect by way of discounts on landing and passenger charges from July 1.

Christchurch Airport finalised its prices last year, and Wellington Airport is starting the review process this year.

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Patients using a free health clinic in Dunedin have health issues usually seen in much older people.

An Otago University study has looked at 375 patients using Dunedin's free clinic, Servants Health Centre.

It's found 75 per cent suffer from more than one health condition and half have long-term physical and mental health conditions.

Head of General Practice at Dunedin School of Medicine Tim Stokes says the average age of the patients is 42.

Stokes says there needs to be better support systems for people with multiple health issues.

He says it was sobering to see this population with such high health needs.

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Aviation enthusiasts are flocking to Masterton as historic aircraft take to the skies.

Wings Over Wairarapa is being held over the next three days.

Today was a day of practice, with gates opening at midday for keen spectators.

Tomorrow is the main day of action, and Flying Display coordinator John Lanham says there'll be some special sights, including Sir Peter Jackson's world-class collection of war planes in the air.

Organisers are hoping the weather holds out but Sunday's flights could be affected by rain and strong winds.

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