Following local council elections, we now have even more mayors and councillors pushing for unelected Maori on councils or council boards, with any of 'our' spare land or resources divided up between their pet iwi.

These people never campaigned on their racial preferences. Multiple polls taken around the country have said ratepayers do not want unelected people speaking for them, deciding where council land goes, or what their rates are spent on.

In Auckland the ratepayers are now picking up the bill for marae maintenance. When I emailed the Auckland Council about this they replied that marae are an important hub for all Aucklanders. No, they are not!

It really disturbs me to think these people got into local government, or for that matter central government, under false pretences to push separatist policies and a racial agenda.


We also have the New Zealand Geographic Board, supposedly not a government department but accountable to the Minister for Land Information, so that really equates to the fact they are another tool of the left to push more Maorification of your town, district, suburb or street without your consent.

All too often we are seeing people in local and central office who campaigned without revealing their true intentions and taking advantage of your vote to push lefty/woke, or racist policies that you do not agree with, and certainly wouldn't have voted for if you knew the truth, if they had told the truth, when in fact they knew they wouldn't stand a chance in the election if they had told the truth!

Not only that, but these charlatans have forced elected councillors, voted for by you, out of making decisions, or even contributing to the debate because they do not follow their leader's racial dogma.

The people I talk about are morally bankrupt narcissists who infest nearly every council around the country, and the truth is most of your votes counted for nothing. You might as well not have bothered.

Left-wing ideology in our governance is that we are here to be told how to live our lives. We get to pay the tax that they spend; notice they are keen to punish anyone avoiding tax, but don't care less where that money goes. Every day another million dollars to some socialist scheme with no checks, balances or targets to be met.

The socialist mantra that Labour, yes, and National, push is they know best, and how long is it before we don't get to vote? You may laugh, but look at what we have lost this year, and what they are looking to take off us in the future. If they ban free speech and allow private land to be fair game to Treaty troughers, everything will be fair game.

What will you do if the Treaty bus and its protest wing turn up at your block of land? If you complain about it, will the lefty/pinkos see that as hate speech and racism? Is my imagination running wild? I don't know, is it?

Have we actually got a democracy in New Zealand? Do politicians even care about your vote once they're in office? They think we are stupid, and if I'm honest I agree with that. The average New Zealander is as thick as a plank when it comes to our politics.


Look at Simon Bridges. One minute he is talking about abolishing the Waitangi Tribunal and getting rid of the Maori seats, and next minute he is talking up the new and reinvigorated Maori Party as their next partner in government. Hello, anyone out there?

Goodbye water, hello written constitution, with the ToW as the centerpiece, compulsory te reo in schools and funding to burn for anything Maori.

This is not the New Zealand I want to live in or, bring my children up in.

Lower Hutt