As a nation, we really are in trouble with the Minister of Treaty Negotiations, Andrew Little, singing the 'Colonial Oppression' song to a United Nations controlled by a majority of post-colonial nations out to avenge perceived past colonial injustices.

Music to the ears of the Marxist Left and further denigration of Western democracies. His biased, historically warped, cringing apologia demeans our nation and the grand achievements of our forebears.

The 'entrenched racism' he mentions is obvious to all, with successive governments favouring Maori exclusively with special privileges granted to none of the other 230 ethnicities. Who else has a Waitangi Tribunal or a political party, 21 radio and two television stations supplied by the taxpayer, special quotas for entrance into educational and academic facilities, millions spent promoting te reo?

Mr Little, Maori ceased to exist as a separate race through breeding with the immigrants. Most of their 15 per cent of our population have more migrant than Maori blood in their veins. We are now all New Zealanders, equal subjects under the Treaty.


The failure in solving Maoris' many problems is because of patronising governments requiring no responsibility or accountability, and the reluctance of iwi hierarchy to address the problems or commit any of their $50 billion Treaty settlements capital to doing so.

Apparently the high prison population is not because of the criminals' activities, but because of the failure of the state and citizens to prevent them.

All in all, Mr Little has done a pretty good hatchet job on our international reputation.