The group committed to protecting fish stocks have started meeting with marae hapu to confirm support for the future of sustainable fishing in Doubtless Bay for all, today and in the future. I encourage others to join us and show their support.

A group has been put in place to keep this issue alive, and plan further action.

We are still strongly opposed to how Doubtless Bay is fished during the spawning season.
On the scallop situation, we would like to refer back to the Northland Age (October 18) re comments from Hilton Leith.

Would he admit to the scallop boats stuffing the scallop beds at Karikari and Doubtless Bay a few years back? Now the beds are just recovering from this pillage.


Leith wants the scallop boats to return to set it back another 12-15 years.

That attitude has absolutely no consideration for local iwi, hapu, community and visitors to the area.

All of these folk would love to have this delicacy on their plate rather than it be taken for the sake of the almighty dollar. Hilton Leith says this might be the year they return. Well, locals say, bring it on.

Does annual catch entitlement say take it all and stuff it up for another eight to whatever years?

Common sense isn't that common any more, apparently.

More to come — watch out for public meetings and events throughout Doubtless Bay, and come and support us to protect fish stocks for the future.