Recent events prompt me to remind readers that socialism and welfarism inevitably and eventually collapse in the ruin of any nation which puts them into practice. This can be seen by Bible-believing Christians, who know that, because of the Fall, we are all naturally selfish, with a desire for parasitism.

On the other hand, capitalism harnesses our bad nature: we know we must work or be axed — no effort, no reward. Though capitalism is not faultless, it is the only system that has ever succeeded in creating enough wealth, in goods and services, to support a whole nation though its people get different levels of reward from that wealth.

I know it is right and proper for the government to help people who, for no fault of their own, are in unfortunate circumstances, and I'm also aware that many people have been made redundant because of automation and electronics that have made them unnecessary, or their trades obsolete. But such people will then usually look for employment of some kind, and we now have a great many other people who have never worked, have no intention of ever working, and think WINZ benefits are a valid option for a whole lifetime. The world owes them a living, regardless.

And when the people who do work can see that their taxes are funding benefits for those who refuse to work, the workers will become less diligent, and even themselves drop out, joining the deliberate idlers.


Almost invariably, we see the result: "For Satan finds some mischief still, for idle hands to do", as Isaac Watts rightly wrote 300 years ago.

It seems that your own Northland region has been especially prone to this state of affairs for many years, and is getting worse and worse, with those mischief-makers mostly unpunished.

I shudder to think of what will happen when the welfare system collapses. My guess is that this will be only a few years from now — without welfare, those people will probably resort to violence and robbery to take whatever they fancy.