Leo Leitch's letter (Masterplan, October 10) was spot on the money. Much of our media has been infiltrated and become totally left wing and secular. Our Western civilisation as we knew it has been slowly but systematically dismantled, which has been quite deliberate and sinister.

Unfortunately this has happened under our noses in the last 60 years or so, by the the deliberate introduction of certain ideologies. The Judeo-Christian heritage and values that we grew up with in the 50s and 60s have all but gone.

Like the boiling of the frog syndrome, we have let these insidious ideologies creep into our lives almost unnoticed, and have been taught that these ideologies are good and noble. We then wonder why the world as we knew it has gone to hell in a handcart.

Some of these ideologies (surprise, surprise) include feminism, Islam, gay rights, global warming, environmentalism and secularism. These propaganda ideologies have gradually been accepted by the public in general because of the infiltration of a lot of our media by the left wing, who have their own agenda.


If all this sounds a little far-fetched, then answer the following questions truthfully.

1. Is our society better or worse off than it was 60 years ago?
2. Do we still only have only one bread-winner in the house, while Mum is able to stay home and bring up the children?
3. Are children in schools today and on the streets better-behaved than 60 years ago?
4. Is our current teacher shortage due to the fact that we have driven off all our male teachers?
5. Finally, is our suicide rate decreasing or increasing?

The values we once called evil we now call good. The values we once called good we now call evil.

We often hear people wondering what has happened to our world today, and how do we remedy it. They have no concept as to what has dismantled and turned their world upside down.

I wish I could say that we will wake up to the deliberate agendas that are undermining our western civilisation, but I won't be holding my breath.