Got the hump?

So the FNDC and NZTA have decreed that there is to be no parking at the Karikari Peninsula intersection of Inland Road and SH10 and have formed a non-people-friendly hump as an obvious deterrent to parking on the southern side. People have parked here for numerous reasons, whether just to meet or pick up, drop off relatives, friends etc, generally very short term, for as long as there has been an intersection.

Where the hump has been formed has also served as a safety shoulder to get broken-down vehicles off the road or somewhere for emergency vehicles to park whilst attending to incidents.

To my knowledge, no parked vehicle has ever actually caused an accident, and it could hardly be claimed that the one or two vehicles sometimes parked where the hump now is have contributed to any traffic incidents. Where now will an ambulance (for instance) park if there is an accident?


Incidentally, it was only after local residents cleared away the high gorse and tobacco weed etc that did cause visibility problems that Transit decided that this was a high crash intersection (two or three years after the last bad car crash that I know of), and committed themselves to a review of the turnoff, which has led to the workings currently.

To the hump-makers, please reconsider and remove the stupid hump.

Also, to the council persons who have used my place at their convenience on occasion for parking, I suggest you park in future along at the Pekerau turnoff, as you now expect others to do.


RD3 Kaitaia