In the news hundreds appear at the border fences of Gaza. Not thousands. The population of Gaza is two million, many of whom would only want to get on with life, co-operate with the Israelis and provide security for their loved ones.

This is prevented by the insane hatred of Hamas who are feared and will tolerate no peaceful thoughts from the stricken people of Gaza.

The Israelis may not be Goldilocks, but if a man with a knife is pulling down a fence and has said on television he wishes to knife to death as many Israelis as possible then at least he can expect a bullet in the leg, or worse.

Israel, with its mixed population of Jewish and Palestinian citizens, isn't going to shift. Peace with its neighbours would see a sharing of their superior technologies.


Interesting that during recent scrub fires on the border Jewish and Palestinian worked together to save homes and crops.

Sure a New Zealand politician was stopped by the Israeli Navy from landing by ship in Gaza with a party, as ships bring foreign missiles into Gaza for Hamas to fire from hospital and school sites into Israel.

I was a school boy of 12 at the Saturday night pictures when the news showed a brave young American bulldozer driver heaping up huge piles of Jewish corpses. Men, women and little children, some of the six million exterminated in Hitler's death camps. People cried out. Some ran out of the the theatre, some sobbed. Strong men were in tears.

The American High Command ordered many pictures to be taken, as Eisenhower said, "In the future people will say it didn't happen."

Much of the world's mass media has been hijacked by anti-Semitic opinion.

Reason would see the great mosque remain on the foundations of Solomon's temple built 2000 years before it, but Christian love is in short supply there from both sides, and with headline-seeking journalists from overseas.

SAM McHarg