Kamo High School's girls cricket team will have a whole new look when they take the field next week thanks to 13-year-old Jacqui Cameron.

The Year 10 wicketkeeper was chosen as part of the ANZ On Your Team cricket fund to receive a full team kit which included three sets of all necessary equipment, presented to Jacqui at ANZ's Rathbone St branch on Wednesday.

"It was amazing but it was a bit overwhelming," Jacqui said.

Jacqui has been very active in the Northland sporting community, playing cricket for Kamo High School and Kamo Cricket Club as well as competitive rugby, volleyball, hockey and athletics. She also coached local under-5 ripper and under-7 ripper rugby teams

Jacqui said her high school team had long-struggled with using old, oversized gear which was difficult to share between 11 players.


"We were all using old gear and whenever we had to change batters, it was taking so long to switch over," she said.

"I've never had a proper helmet or bat so I usually just borrowed them from my teammates so it was quite hard when it came to playing and switching over."

Jacqui said she was very grateful for the new equipment because she remembered times where she had tripped over due to oversized pads or had missed the ball after her helmet had fallen over her eyes.

Jacqui, who had been playing cricket for three years, said she loved the feeling of being part of a team.

"Being surrounded by all your teammates and when you're batting and you hit a four or a six and you hear them cheering on the sideline, it's great."

She hoped the new gear would help team morale and get her side into the right headspace to play the game while also showing the other team that their opposition was a formidable one.

ANZ head of sponsorship Sue McGregor said she was delighted to gift Jacqui a range of cricket gear and knew she would put it to good use.

"As soon as we saw her nomination come through, we knew Jacqui would be a worthy On Your Team recipient.


"She loves cricket and she's incredibly generous with her time and belongings so we know a lot of people will benefit from her win."