A humble Whangarei man is being touted as a future Paralympic coach after his efforts with a Northland para-cyclist.

Kerry Reyburn has been offered a Paralympic potential coach scholarship by Paralympics New Zealand (PNZ), something which came as a surprise to him.

Having "helped out" New Zealand development para-cyclist Nau Puriri for a number years to various national medal-winning performances, PNZ's offer came as a shock to the unassuming Reyburn.

"When Melissa [Dawson from PNZ] told me what they were going to do for me I had a tear in my eyes," Reyburn said. "I don't see all this potential they see.


"It's really humbling to just be given the opportunity, it's something I would never have dreamed of a year or two ago but I've just got to make the most of it."

Reyburn will gain a lot through the two-year scholarship, including working alongside the national para-cycling high-performance and development coaches, attending high-performance training camps, and formal mentoring with an experienced high-performance coach.

The scholarship is tailored to individual development needs which will see different courses, workshops, and learning opportunities offered to Reyburn.

"What the scholarship is going to do is widen my knowledge of the actual coaching of para-cycling.

"Part of it is working with para-athletes and understanding that area a bit better, but also cycling coaching in general.

"I just keep thinking I don't know a lot but [PNZ] obviously see something. For me, this whole thing is a great opportunity to increase my knowledge."

Reyburn, who works as a draughtsman at HB Architecture, hopes to help Puriri improve on his placings at track nationals this season.

Finishing with two thirds and a second - and being selected for the PNZ development team - there was plenty more for Puriri to improve on, Reyburn said.

His efforts with Puriri and the wider cycling community in Northland have not gone unnoticed in the north.

Sport Northland have been working with Reyburn building his coaching abilities also.

Reyburn is passionate about cycling, and while he has been recognised with a national-level scholarship he is aiming to start a para-cycling club with Parafed Northland - who are all about inclusive sport and recreation opportunities for physically disabled Northlanders.

"I want to use this coaching opportunity to get involved with Parafed more and look after some more up and coming para-athletes."

With Parafed Northland, Reyburn is hoping 2018 can be the year a para-cycling club starts in Northland.

In his typically humble and giving way, what's next for Reyburn is nothing for himself.

Instead, he wants to get Puriri going faster on the bike and to fundraise for their campaign towards the world championships next year.