Northland is home to some of the most committed rugby fans in the world. Self-confessed rugby tragic Christine Crow is one of the biggest you could find.

After attending a game a few years ago with some friends, Crow was hooked.

"I went along with my friends one day and I was hooked. We knew a few of the guys in the team so that helps out a lot," she said.

Crow has been so committed to the side, she's just missed one game in the last three years - an away victory in Southland this season.


She's a constant fixture in the crowd with her Northland jersey, big blue wig and blue-painted fingernails.

Crow said the travel had not got to her yet but sometimes the costs outweighed the ambition.

"The Southland game I missed this year was the first one I hadn't gone to in three seasons," she said.

"I did message the boys and apologised for not being there. The airfares just got ridiculous.

"I even suggested to my husband that he could sponsor me but he wasn't keen so I sat at home and sulked because I missed a really good game."

Northland's resurgence in 2017 was preceded by two tough years, but Crow was at every single game. She's seen them leak more than 1000 points and score 643 in that time.

Crow's resolve never wavered.

'I didn't find it tough to keep going when they were losing. That was the team we got in behind and I support them through thick and thin," she said.

"They seem to be enjoying their rugby a lot more this season which is great."

The Blues and All Blacks supporter, who's also attended three Lions tour games this year will be heading to the capital for the semifinal against Wellington.

She'll be hard to miss in that blue wig.