Northland gymnasts have taken to the national stage and secured an array of medals.

Active Attitude's team of 17 aerobic gymnastics have returned from Invercargill after competing in the NZ National Gymsports Championships during the school holidays.

The total medals received were seven gold, six silver and two bronze.

This is a remarkable result for the Active Attitude Aerobics Academy, in only its second year of taking a team to compete nationally.


Head coach Ashleigh McCaw was delighted with the girls' results.

"The girls had an amazing experience and produced incredible results," she said.

"A lot of personal best scores were attained and eight athletes being awarded proficiency pins for producing high scores above expectations."

"The Active Attitude athletes are looking forward to moving up the levels and competing nationally again in 2017," McCaw said.

Level 3 Pairs: 1) Jane Heapy and Heidyn Harrison, 5) Brianna Kessell and Emma Lambert
Level 4 Pairs: 2) Paige Parkinson and Mia Robertson, 3) Brooke Foster and Leah McRae, 5) Gemma Lawton and Hanna Webb
Level 5 Pairs: 1) Ruby Reed and Jaimee Mason
Level 4 Team: 1) Brooke Foster, Leah McRae, Mia Robertson and Grace Christey
Level 3 (ages 9-11) Individual: 2=) Brianna Kessell, 5) Emma Lambert
Level 3 (ages 12-14) Individual: 1) Jane Heapy, 2) Heidyn Harrison
Level 4 (ages 9-11) Individual: 1) Grace Christey, 2) Brooke Foster, 3) Leah McRae, 5) Mia Robertson
Level 4 (ages 12-14) Individual: 2) Paige Parkinson, 5) Willow Clarke, 7) Gemma Lawton, 8) Ariel Eggleton
Level 4 (ages 15+) Individual: 1) Aimee Leaming
Level 5 (ages 12-14) Individual: 1) Jaimee Mason
Level 5 (ages 15+) Individual: 2) Ruby Reed.