Kerikeri's Kyle Chen just keeps playing the right shots.

The 14-year-old is now a two-time New Zealand champion, and a two-time Golden Gloves champion, after beating his latest opponent, Daysharn Asomua-Faatili, to be crowned national champion at the 2015 National Championships held in Invercargill.

Winning the bout via unanimous decision, Asomua-Faatili put up a solid challenge against Chen - who is currently the youngest boxer to have officially represented New Zealand at an international championship.

Unleashing a near-lethal standing 8-count after a whopping right-hand shot to Chen's chops, Asomua-Faatili left Chen with a sore jaw and earned the trophy for best junior runner-up.


"It was a great fight. Got caught with a few good shots. But I was able to keep calm and I was able to land the more accurate punches," Chen said.

"Big thanks to my opponent, Daysharn Asomua-Faatili, for putting up a great fight. Thanks to my coach, Harry Otty, for being in my corner and guiding me to victory. Thanks to my family for supporting me throughout, and also thanks to Fili Maka for being a great mentor.

"Thank you to all the people who supported me this year, especially the people who donated money to help me get to the Junior World Championships. It's been a great year for me. But this is just the beginning."

Former Boxing NZ President and AIBA honorary vice-president Keith Walker, who was the official supervisor for the nationals, said Chen was "by far the best boxer at the tournament" in his eyes.

"His ability to absorb any pressure that was applied, and there was some on occasions, and then to turn the tables was full credit to this young lad.

"His experience from the world champs was evident, more so than any of the other boxers who went."