The first week of a three-week final format for premier reserve saw some interesting results.

Manawanui Red cashed in on injury substitutes to earn themselves a bye this week with a 48-40 win over Wahine Toa 1.

The game was all tied up at the end of the first quarter before Wahine Toa took a lead of five goals into halftime.

However, the tables were turned in the third quarter on Saturday after some changes due to injury and Manawanui Red took the lead by two goals. By the final whistle, they led by eight.


For Manawanui Red, it was a team effort, all players doing their jobs.

They were committed to the win and worked hard for it.

For Wahine Toa, Te Ewinga Wharewaka at wing defence had an outstanding game. She combined well with Renee and Rita Himiona in defence and they all worked tirelessly to upset the Manawanui feeders and shooters.

Michelle Allen at centre had a consistent game. Maria Dick at goal attack was a workhorse.

Meanwhile, Craig's Firestone Marist were pleased with their 44-37 win over the younger Manawanui Collegiate Red team.

The game was tied at the end of the first quarter and at halftime so there was little between the teams. By the end of the third quarter, Marist had pulled ahead to lead by six goals.

For Marist, Kate Atchison at centre and wing attack was the standout player and she worked hard all game.

It was a hard-fought win with some great defence work by the entire team enabling them to get tips and intercepts. The shooters showed great composure throughout to put up some nice shots under pressure.

For Manawanui Collegiate Red, Shekania Cherrington at goal defence and Kapua Harris-Otene at goal keep kept pressure on the shooters and they never gave up.

In the mid-court, Annatassia Larkin worked tirelessly the whole game. Shooters Lil Reihana at goal attack and Amira Te Iringa at goal shoot moved well in the circle and shot well.

The other Marist team in this grade, Beds "R" Us Marist, also had a win, meaning that Kamo High School join Manawanui Red in having a bye next week - being ranked sixth.

This was a game of two halves and it could have gone either way, with Marist eventually winning 41-37.

Marist had just a two-goal lead at the end of the first quarter but, by halftime, they had increased this to lead by 11 goals. Kamo won the next two quarters to only lose the game by four goals.

For Marist, Tennielle Cherrington at goal defence and Jackie Marvin at goal keep combined well to put good pressure on the shooters.

Nadia Taituha played a controlled game at wing attack and was a great support player.

Eliza Taurua at goal shoot and Elaine Ross at goal attack linked well and played smart netball.

For Kamo, Emily Griffin at goal attack then goal defence played a versatile and effective game in both positions. When in defence she combined well with Irihaapeti Te Whata Ashby at goal keep. Chalique Poutai at goal shoot shot accurately, with some good feeding by Jazz Turner at wing attack.