Waka ama organisers have postponed tomorrow's scheduled Bo Herbert Memorial race off the Tutukaka Coast to avoid the forecast stormy weather.

Conan Herbert said it was important to keep the race as planned for Bo, despite having the option of an in-shore course through the Ngunguru Estuary.

"We got the forecast a week out and it looked like it's meant to be the biggest storm for a long time," Conan explained.

"'It would have been a different story if the weather map said just a couple of days but it was a week.


"Everyone was happy to know it was still on [scheduled for April 12]. We could have had an alternative course but we wanted Bo's race to be in the sea."

Conan noted that last year the Bo Herbert Memorial was raced in rough conditions, which resulted in a few capsizes and rescues by support boats.

"I think there may have been a few people wondering if we had [the event] under control [last year], but I think by postponing it this year we've gained a bit of trust from the paddlers."

He added that due to the busy waka ama race schedule, April 12 was the only day that was available before the end of the season.

Information regarding the re-scheduled race is on www.wakama.co.nz and on the Bo Herbert Memorial Facebook page.

Earlier this week a posting on the Facebook page said: "For those that have entered and paid, please advise whether you want a refund ... On the bright side you all get a few more weeks training!!"