The scene at Business Coaching New Zealand Raceway was one of nervous excitement as the Kartsport Whangarei Club Championships finished on Sunday, attracting full grids of competitors of all ages, sizes and abilities for the final round.
Celebrating one of its most successful seasons to date, the club was thrilled to again attract a bumper turnout to one of their dozen or so annual events.
Field numbers were close to those usually only seen at the popular two-day Summer Slam event held every January.
The largest field was again in the Clubsport 120 category, where 15 drivers competed for championship points on a circuit allowing only a maximum of 16 karts, which vowed to bring with it exciting racing, which was indeed the case.
Racing from the packed field was intense, with the competitors drawing the attention of the officials on occasion as the fast-paced leaders fought over the front placings, while navigating around slower drivers being lapped. Despite competitionbeing fierce no major incidents resulted - testament to the skill of the majority of drivers while seeking precious points at every opportunity.
The day was won by Charles Hoare followed by Cassandra Carter then Richard Macey.
The Cadets' Class was equally exciting, with drivers as young as 6being cheered on by parents and spectators alike. The competitiveness of the youngsters is remarkable as they battle over position all the while raising the stress levels of parents as they look on.
Young Alyce McLean once again dealt a blow to the boys by winning the round ahead of brothers Leo and Jack Scott, respectively.
Safety is paramount in all motorsport but especially for the youngsters and although there were a number of skirmishes the entire field brought their karts home without any serious incidents, apparently setting an example for the older and more experienced drivers.
Moving up in age and skill brings us to the junior drivers, who, as always, put on a show of things to come when they become of age to graduate into the senior classes and perhaps into a professional career.
Tyler Tunnicliffe was unstoppable in Junior Clubsport 120 with five race wins from as many races taking the day ahead of Joshua Gregory, then Blaine McInnes.
In juniors, Thomas McLean won ahead of Megan Dalbeth, two drivers who are flying the flag for Northland by doing well on the national circuit.
The other senior classes brought fast-paced excitement with their quick machines reaching up to 100kmph down the short main straight of the circuit. Rotax, Yamaha and Open classes offer spectators the opportunity to see the quickest karts along with the quickest racing.
Dave Clements beat Martin Gleeson in the Yamahas, with Mike Smith taking the Rotax followed by Brendon White then Derek Tunnicliffe.
The overall championship results after the final round were unavailable for publication as they were yet to be officially confirmed.