Regular cleaning of the exterior of your home not only keeps everything looking its best, but also increases the lifespan of paintwork, often by many years.

That's the key message from House Wash NZ owner-operator Mark Whitfield who recently started a professional house wash service in Northland.

The company, based in Whangarei, employs three staff and travels to Kerikeri, Dargaville, Wellsford, Warkworth, Auckland and also Kaitaia occasionally on house wash jobs.

Mr Whitfield said a house should be washed once a year, not just because of the mould, moss and lichen but the pollutants in the air from vehicles, rain and many other sources.


"If you live near a busy road you would be amazed at the build-up on the exterior of the house," he said.

Originally from Whangarei, Mr Whitfield started house washing about 10 years ago in Auckland then sold that business. He recently set up in Whangarei.

"I enjoy working outside in all weather and the diversity of people. As you know in Northland the weather can change in an hour so each day has its challenges.

"Our focus is to provide the best careful house wash that prolongs the life of your home. We don't blast the house with high pressure, we wash the house," he said.

House Wash uses a safe low-pressure "soft-wash" process to clean exterior surfaces.

The process begins with the application of a special blend of bio-degradable detergents which helps loosen and neutralise the dirt, grime and mould build-up, he said.

The surface is then washed clean using very low water pressure but high volume (kind of like taking a bath). Brushes are also used where required.

"As our detergents are so efficient, we are able to run our pumps at 800-1200psi, which ensures that your house is cleaned in the gentlest way possible."


Mr Whitfield said House Wash is a keen supporter of Whangarei SPCA, and was very conscious of the need to look after the environment.

"We have carefully researched all of the cleaning products we use to ensure they are as environmentally friendly as possible. Our products are safe to use on all surfaces and can be safely used around sensitive plants and pets."

Mr Whitfield - who has worked previously in building, engineering, boat building and contracted to Tenix ship building - said he knows that correct maintenance of anything is the key to its longevity.