Birdman drag race 2018

A great dane named "Ruperta" dressed in a fetching wig and petticoat made Russell Birdman Festival history as the first canine competitor in Friday evening’s drag race. Contestants were required to sprint the length of Cass St with high heels and a handbag, while negotiating tyre and haybale obstacles, downing a shot of a mystery drink, skipping a rope, and completing a ball challenge; earlier ladies dressed as blokes contested the Fred Dagg dash along the same route. Everyone went home with a prize but first across the line and best bloke overall in the dash went to Jules "Bazza" Mills of Auckland, while the petite 6-foot-2-inch Paul "Shazza" McBride, also of Auckland, won the prize for best performance in the drag race. Ruperta seized the crowd favourite title. Photos by Peter de Graaf.