From the lofty heights of Kaipara mayor, to being a ratepayer representative member on the Raupo Drainage Committee.

That's going to raise a few eyebrows on Greg Gent's CV.

Today was the Kaipara District mayor's last in office.

It's an odd situation - just over a year ago Mr Gent openly communicated with ratepayers as to why they should make him mayor.


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Now that he is leaving, he has chosen to say nothing.

To be fair, when he communicated with voters last September, it was one of the more concise election profiles that the Northern Advocate published.

Dairy farmer, company director, married, four adults kids and extensive governance experience.

His profile was pragmatic, to the point and not flashy, no hint of ego.

In fact, given he's moving from mayor to a drainage committee, and not even as a member, he may well be ego-less.

It's the best kind of politician - the worst are the narcissists who are so self absorbed they achieve little in government - local or central - and yet can waste several minutes of your time telling you how wonderful they are.

Greg Gent ONZM is not a narcissist.

Hopefully, his resignation is not health related and speculation on why he has quit does not reach the point that the quiet approach backfires, and he is forced to speak publicly to quell rumours.

The Advocate had lined up an interview with Mr Gent last Friday - all we really wanted to ask was "why are you leaving?"

He agreed and then changed his mind.

He also advised that he would be saying nothing before today's meeting, or after. Which only leaves "during" as a possibility that he will elaborate.

Regardless, the sun will still rise on the Kaipara, the Northern Wairoa will still run brown and yet again, for what seems like the umpteenth time, the Kaipara will endure political uncertainty - although at least this time it is only until the February election.

A candidate of the same calibre on paper as Mr Gent would be welcome, and hopefully they are able to see the term out and keep the Kaipara's local government ball rolling.