When I lived in Whangarei some years ago, we had morning queues from Onerahi stretching back to BP Riverside, due the logical need to turn one bridge into a carpark.

On my return I see this has now been altered with the new bridge - the queues now stretch back to the Onerahi hill and occasionally to the shops.

Sadly, it is clear to most (except those in the council, apparently) that all that is needed to clear this backlog is a filter lane to the new bridge at the new roundabout. It was equally clear to Whangarei motorists for many years that a five-finger roundabout at Rose St would clear the backlog caused by the traffic lights, but it took the council some 20 years to figure this out for themselves. Must we wait that long in Onerahi? Sadly, probably yes.
Tony Mullinger

What do you think? Would this solve the problem? Are there other places you would like to see the council tackle traffic queues?