Nineteen athletes (14 competed in aerobics, six tumble, one trampoline) from Active Attitude represented Northland at the recent NZ Gymnastics National Championships, which was held at the Trusts Arena in Auckland (October 2-5). Fourteen of the athletes received proficiency pins for achieving high scores.


Aeroschools aerobics individual level 5 ages 9-11:
1st: Ava Dainty

Aeroschools aerobics individual level 5 ages 12-14:
1st: Asha-Rose Horan
2nd: Jordyn Adams
3rd: Annabel McIlhinney


Aeroschools aerobics pairs Level 5 ages 12-14:
1st: Asha-Rose Horan and Jordyn Adams

Aeroschools group aerodance ages 9-14:
1st: Ellie McRae, Asha-Rose Horan, Jordyn Adams, Annabel McIlhinney and Jessica Kalkhoven

Group aerodance Open ages 9-14:
1st: Brianna Kessell, Emma Lambert, Madi Dackers, Piper West, Willow Clarke and Brooke Foster

Open Level 3 aerobics aairs ages 12-14:
2nd: Piper West and Madi Dackers

ADP 3 individual aerobics:
3rd: Leah McRae

ADP 4 Pair:
1st: Willow Clarke and Brooke Foster

Age group 1 individual aerobics:
1st: Grace Christey


Kerikeri Croquet Club hosted its first All Day tournament for the season, playing both croquet codes on Friday, October 11 with players from Kaitaia, Doubtless Bay, Waipū, Kensington and Maungakaramea in attendance.

The weather forecast was for rain over Northland but the organisers decided to go ahead, quoting the All Blacks boss, saying "what will be, will be".

The day was played in very pleasant conditions up until the last final 15 minutes of play, when it decided to rain. Being great stalwarts of the game, everyone continued on until the bell rang.

Croquet winners smile (from left) Joe Carter, Chris Lancaster, Annette Molloy, Margaret Johnson, Chris Blackwell, Anne-Marie Robinson, Liz Clark, Gordon Walker, Rilla Jeffs. Photo / Supplied
Croquet winners smile (from left) Joe Carter, Chris Lancaster, Annette Molloy, Margaret Johnson, Chris Blackwell, Anne-Marie Robinson, Liz Clark, Gordon Walker, Rilla Jeffs. Photo / Supplied

Association Players:
Chris Lancaster (Kerikeri): 1st
Joe Carter (Kaitaia): 2nd
Annette Molloy (Kensington): 3rd

Golf Croquet Juniors:
Margaret Johnson (Kensington): 1st
Chris Blackwell (Kensington): 2nd
Anne-Marie Robinson (Doubtless Bay): 3rd

Liz Clark (Kerikeri): 1st
Gordon Walker (Waipū): 2nd
Rilla Jeffs (Kerikeri): 3rd


Sherwood Park Vets Trophy Day results (October 3):

Men: Dallas Campbell (69 net) - 38 points, Murray Jack - 37, Rick Parker c/b - 37
Women: Terene Campbell (71 net) - 37, Robyn Mulholland - 36, Kerry Pevy - 35, Pat Smith c/b - 35, Caryl Scott - 34

Twos: Katherine Holland

Nearest to Pins: Glenis Webb, Murray Jack

Northland Vets results at the Northland Golf Club (October 7).

Men division one: Pat Butler - 42 points, Wally Small - 41, Lloyd Lemon - 38

Men division two: Alex Cardno - 47, David Smith - 39, Donald Mann - 38, Noel Futter - 37, Ron West c/b 37

Women: Coleen West - 33, Mirian Corbett - 31, Sharon Ball - 30

Twos: Mirian Corbett, Dallas Campbell, Pat Butler, Paul Alexander, Donald Mann


Dargaville Bowling Club:

Vodanovich Open Mixed Triples, sponsored by the Vodanovich family (October 4)

1st: Chris Clausen, Don and Noeline Munn - 3 wins, 23 ends
2nd: Ray Bell, Sally Hobson and Barbara Bell - 3 wins, 20 ends
3rd: Allan Wyatt, Bushy Clarke and Eileen Wyatt - 2 wins,18 ends

The club thank the family of the late Jim for the continued sponsoring of this long-running event (more than 60 years).

Harding Rosebowl Mixed Pairs (October 11)

Sponsored by Josie Smith. Traditionally this event has been played as triples, but with a paucity of entries it was changed to pairs.


1st: Eric Smitton and Lyn Curac - 3 wins, 24 ends, 51 points
2nd: Adrienne Graham and Roy Harper - 3 wins, 24 ends, 45 points
3rd: Ray and Barbara Bell - 2 wins

Thanks to Josie for making this day possible.

McLeod Bay Indoor Bowls Club:

Hubands Energy Sponsored Pairs (October 8)

1st: Joy–Marie Richards and Norma Boland - 2 wins, 1 loss, 12/21
2nd: Graeme Richards and Jon Franklin - 2 wins, 1 loss, 12/19

T.E.C. Ernie Wuthrich, Skyla Cowl, Sandra Hutter

September Aggregate:
Ladies: Carol Hall
Men: Graeme Richards

Kamo Bowling Club:

Bruce McQueen Builders Open A/C Triples (June 18)
1st: W. Taylor, W. McLeish, J. Thurgood - 3 wins, 19 ends
2nd: M. Wyatt, L. Wyatt, C. Jellick - 3 wins, 18 ends
3rd: J. Taylor, B. McKinney, B. Clarkson - 3 wins, 17 ends

Domestic Drawn Triples (June 20)
1st: G. Catton, R. Bradley, R. Hayman - 3 wins 34 points
2nd: R. Burns, D. Stuck, M. Smith - 2 wins 27 points

Domestic Drawn Triples (June 27)
1st: Dave Orford, Graeme Egerton, Flora Wallace - 3 wins, 36 points
2nd: Warren McLeish, Sue Egerton, Gavin Morgan - 3 wins, 34 points

Bev Rear and Jean Roxburgh Open A/C Triples (July 2)
1st: Les Scott, Betty Scott, Maxine Nicklin - 3 wins, 19 ends, 41 points
2nd: Lydia Wyatt, Malcolm Wyatt, Charlie Jellick - 3 wins, 18 ends, 38 points
3rd: Bob McKinney, Bruce Clarkson, Jim Taylor - 2 wins, 19 ends, 36 points

Lion Breweries Open A/C Triples (July 9)
1st: Errol Edlin, Skye Renes, Glenys Sandilands - 3 wins, 17 ends, 40 points
2nd: Chrissy Crawford, Sally Sterling, Caroline Downs - 2.5 wins, 21 ends, 43 points
3rd: Percy Blundell, Dot Hardy, Smurf McGee - 2 wins, 19 ends, 36 points

John McQueen Open A/C Triples (July 16)
1st: B. McKinney, M. Doel, B. Clarkson - 3 wins, 21 ends
2nd: E. Edlin, S. Renes, G.Sandilands - 3 wins, 20 ends
3rd: T. Cordeau, R. Bradley, L. Burns - 2 wins, 21 ends

K.B.C. Pool Club Domestic Drawn Triples (September 26)
1st: Laurel Wheeler, Steve McAdam, Judy Morgan - 3 wins, 17 ends
2nd: Dave Kerr, Steve Bailey, Ray Bradley, Chris Livesey - 3 wins, 15 ends

Laser Electrical Domestic Drawn Triples (October 3)
1st: B. Scott, P. Du Plooy R. Bradley, D. Stuck - 3 wins, 20 ends
2nd: M. Wyatt, D. Hollings, M. Smith - 3 wins, 18 ends