Nominations are being sought for a new trust to oversee Russell wharf and its future maintenance.

The wharf, in particular its condition and who should own it, has long been a bone of contention in the Bay of Islands town, which culminated in a poll last month of Russell residents.

They voted by an almost three-quarters majority to allow the wharf to be transferred from the Far North District Council to the council's commercial arm, Far North Holdings, and to set up a trust to oversee future maintenance or changes.

They also voted for a five-strong selection panel which will choose the first batch of trustees for the Kororareka-Russell Community Wharf Kaitiaki Trust.


Selection panel chairman Rob Lang said the next step was to seek trustee nominations.

He hoped to get plenty of nominees with a wide mix of skills and experience by the closing date of September 17.

The panel would then whittle the nominations down to between five and nine trustees. He hoped to announce the results in mid-November.

Would-be trustees were required to submit a CV, a brief biography and a statement of how they would bring their skills and experience to the role. Email for more information.